Too many thoughts, too little time.

When it Rains it Pours

So, after basically neglecting this blog for awhile, I have the drafts of a half dozen posts or so started.

I don’t even know where to go with them.

What do we want to read next?

We have the rest of the success story.

The 7000 sq ft home vs the mini skirt?

Amish Bikinis?

The Introverted Marriage?

The Mommy Wars: It takes a Village?

Your Wedding is Not Actually a Production? (Alternate Title, “You are not a princess, and there is no happily every after.” What can I say, I’m a romantic.)

Stop Asking for my Advice when What You Really Want is My Approval?

And let’s not forget the many half started rants about home schooling and abuse.

None of the posts are finished, I just have the start before I forgot. I have a lot to say lately. And, now it’s time for me to get the kids from Grandma (my x’s mom). So, I shall try to write in my head while I think this through.


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