Too many thoughts, too little time.

Church, huh?

My husband and I don’t attend church. There are many reasons, but we’re just going to leave it at we don’t.

But, we also don’t run screaming when we are near a church. Last week I went to a lovely service at the oldest church in the USA. Right now, we’ve ended up at my parents church many Sundays, because my ex-inlaws go there as well. My kids are with my ex every other sunday, the church is between our homes. So, he sends the kids off with Grandma, and I pick them up, or vice versa. I can NEVER get the timing right to get the kids. And, we’d rather be early than late, so, we usually end up hearing a good bit of the “sermon”. Once, we heard about how everyone needed to own a gun and you could shoot the bad guys faster than the police could get there. I have no idea what that sermon was supposed to be about, we only heard the last half. Which was all about gun rights.

One Sunday we walked in to get the kids. The screens in the foyer were just showing black with red writing, something about a Muslim parade. And a website. There was a guest speaker. We couldn’t see, but we could hear. We never go into the sanctuary. Now, as the talk went on, Brad and I are getting really mad, and Brad muttered something like “this is why I don’t go to church”. The whole sermon, that we heard, was about how Muslims are taking over, and they are ruining the country, and they want to kill us all.


So, it ends, we go to find the kids. They are in the sanctuary with grandma, grandpa, their father, and my 3 brothers. Ok, cool, whatever. We leave.

We then spent the next week hearing about the “sermon”.

Apparently, the woman speaking showed pictures. Of people with their hands cut off, of a body with the head cut off, and a man holding a bloody knife, charred remains of people after bombs went off. Video clips of people saying “we couldn’t find any whole pieces to bury”. Talking about murdering children. The kids were traumatized.

I told my ex-mother in law, the kids were not to attend sermons there anymore. I told my parents the same. I told every single adult they should have walked out with the kids, that was inappropriate.

While I talked, my brother said something like “they didn’t know she was going to do that, she said she was coming to talk about missions.” my mom said “what were we supposed to do? just walk out?” I shouted “Yes! If they’d flipped on ‘barely legal teens and their first interracial gang bang’ you would have ran out. You wouldn’t have worried about how that looked!”

I looked at the church’s reviews that day. Several people were outraged, saying the church owed everyone an apology. Those reviews have been deleted.

My ex-mother in law said they got an automated call, apologizing. The people in charge had no idea that was going to happen.

First of all…bull. You can search for the nicest bathroom in New Hampshire on google. You mean to tell me there was not ONE time she had done this before,  and somebody complained? Or maybe people did complain, and the church just deleted the complaints.

Second, great, you recorded an apology, that I was told about. What about the people who don’t want your automated spam? What about the guests? You didn’t ask to speak to the 10 yr old who couldn’t sleep that night.

Again, the reason for not stopping her was they didn’t know if they should. The senior pastor was out of town, and they didn’t want to upset anyone. My argument still stands. If I get up there and play some porn, apparently they are just all gonna sit there and watch it, because they aren’t sure if it is ok or not.



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