Too many thoughts, too little time.

I Did It

I think of my siblings in 3 groups. I am the oldest. Then next 5 I think of like siblings. The next two are mine. I raised those kids while my mother took 6 hour shopping trips, 3 hour naps, and the rest of the day was 7th Heaven marathons. While I love the youngest 2, they are always my kids’ friends.

But those 2 older teenagers. I was there helping to teach them to walk. I was listening to them practice reading. I was taking them out for lunch and tucking them in and reading bedtime stories. I was the one pulling Hulk from under my bed when dad would yell and scare him and he’d hide.

I haven’t spoken to my parents since July.

This morning, Hulk came by with Skillet tickets. He wants to take the boys, and hang out for awhile.

This afternoon the doorbell rang, I opened it to see Bane (he is awesome at Halloween lol). I grabbed to hug him he smiled “I got my license Kate.”

People asked me so many times why I didn’t cut my parents out of my life sooner. They are why. I remember telling my first husband. I just needed them to grow up enough to remember me. To decide they wanted a relationship with me.

I did it. They do. They remember me. They want to see me. Nobody is making them come over.

I did it.



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