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One Month Later


We bought our house! We’ve lived here month now. It rained the first 9 days we were here, we got the edges of a hurricane. So, no damage, just an annoying misting rain that made it very difficult to move our things from storage to our house.




I love my porch, I pretty much live out there. And, the day we bought the house, my father-in-law gave us his old truck, which has come in super handy.


We also got some new furniture, I love  my living room. I think it is so pretty.

I really love living down here. I was a bit unsure at first, we’re really in the middle no where, and it takes a really long time to get anywhere. Where I lived before, the grocery store was with in walking distance. If you wanted to visit some one 15 miles away, it took 15-20 minutes. Here, 15 miles quickly turns into 30-45 minutes. We live in a housing addition, but everyone has huge yard. The kids have made about a dozen friends, which is pretty good when you consider they don’t even go to school.

I’m not sure I can claim any friends yet, but I’m meeting people. I’m not just waiting for people to show up at my door. I joined a couple meet-up groups and went to one meeting so far. The people seemed nice. Also took the kids to a fall festival at a church just down the road, mat people there too.

Brad is home about 50-75% of the time now. It’s taken some adjusting, but it’s nice. While we didn’t move for his job, it was actually great for his job. They are trying to go more regional, and the Atlanta area has been neglected for years because no one was here.


Brad has had a coworker over who happened to be in town. I have 3 friends coming down for Thanksgiving. The boys’ dad came down and stayed the weekend. It went surprisingly well, he and the kids were either out having fun, or chilling out in the basement watching movies and eating pizza.

I’m loving the weather here. Last year, in Indiana, it had snowed a couple times by now. I’m wearing shorts right now, and perfectly comfortable. The Halloween forecast is sunny and 75. The kids and I try to do something fun on Wednesdays. The area is beautiful, so the Wednesday fun has tended to be hiking. We’ve found streams and creaks and waterfalls. Yesterday we walked around a 175 yr old cemetery. There are historical places and markers pretty much everywhere you look. The curvy roads with the leaves changing are gorgeous.






I won’t pretend everything is perfect, I actually really dislike how long it takes to get anywhere. The library system here is really disappointing. We get crappy internet and pay a lot for it. The nearest grocery store is horrible. I’d rather drive 30 miles to the next one. Traffic can be horrible, yesterday we were the car immediately following an accident where 3 semis turned a mini van into a compact car, on the interstate, at 70 miles an hour. I slammed on the brakes and hit my hazard lights while yelling “I’m stopped! I’m stopped! I’m stopped!” Fortunately/Unfortunately, the kids were focused on the accident in front of us, and not the semi I was watching in my review mirror, praying he’d stop in time. He swerved. I sat there, trying to get my wits back, thinking “oh no, lets go. Let’s go home, were it isn’t 5 lanes of traffic, going 65, and people honking and still speeding past this”

Getting used to Brad being home has been difficult as well. I think, partially because he spent so long telling me it would never happen. Then, he doesn’t have a real schedule. One week he was home all week. Last week he worked in Missouri Mon-Tues. Home wed-fri, but went in to work at a hospital in Atlanta on Friday. This week he was in Louisiana Monday and Tuesday and will finish out the week in California. I have no idea where he is next week. I’m not even sure he knows. No more set schedule.

I miss the convenience of where I used to live. I miss the lack of traffic. I miss people who talked and didn’t make “Haralson and Carrolton” sound like they were the exact same word. I miss the library. I miss the gym. But, I know you can’t have everything, and overall I like it much better here.





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