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Birth Control Laws

I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy requiring  that free birth control be included in health plans provided to employees of schools, charities and hospitals connected to religiously affiliated institutions. I personally think this is a good thing, but the Catholic Church doesn’t agree with me. They claim this requirement violates freedom of religion.


They aren’t forcing you to put birth control in the water supply of the unknowing sluts. And that is really the part that bothers me most, that there seems to be this assumption if you are using birth control you are a slut. Because all married woman are perfectly happy to have as many children in a row as they can get. Anyway, back on topic. If birth control violates your religious beliefs, don’t take it. Pretty simple actually. However, it doesn’t violate MANY people’s religious beliefs. It doesn’t even weigh too heavily on the conscience of about 90%+ of Catholic woman.It seems to only offend men.

My other issue here is MANY woman take birth control pills for reasons other than to prevent conception. The Catholic Church has decided to accept this reason. I really don’t understand this. So, birth control to stop babies=bad, but birth control to stop babies AND make periods less traumatic=good? Either it is wrong or it isn’t. Anyway, maybe it’s God’s plan you have debilitating periods, deal with it. (Please know I am using sarcasm! I wish their was a sarcasm font.) And, I don’t take BC, I wouldn’t. My family seems to have a bad reaction to hormonal birth control. And, I am lucky enough not to need it for the stereotypical medical reasons, however, I have many other reasons, and I don’t think it should be up to the church to decide if my reasons or valid. Let’s see…why don’t I want more babies? 1. I have giant babies, I really do. And on a 5’3″ frame, an 11 pound, 24 inch newborn is hard! 2. I have difficult pregnancies, followed up by c-sections. With my oldest I was on bed rest, with my younger one, I couldn’t leave the house alone because I would just randomly pass out if I stood up and stood still too long. I would pass out while waiting to pay for my groceries. 3. I am miserable the whole time, I HATE being pregnant. 4. I puke, for like, 6 months. With both kids I weighed less when they were born than when they were conceived. Which is saying something when one of them was almost 11 pounds. 5. Finally, I am in love with an amazing man, who will most likely be my husband within the next year (ok 350 days, but who’s counting?), and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Now, if I don’t want more kids, I don’t think he is going to very appreciative of his new wife turning down sex every time she doesn’t want a baby. Because that is always. Not only for the reasons I already mentioned, but also because, having a baby with Aussie basically means I am a single mom of this baby. I will be handling sleepless nights, and crying and screaming, and midnight feedings, and 2 other kids who need my attention all day, all by myself 5 days and nights a week. But, the church wants to tell me these are not good enough reasons to have access to birth control??

And, the argument against BC is that it interferes with God’s plan. I don’t know about your God, but mine is powerful enough to get around my birth control pill, a condom, and even the fact I have my tubes tied if he is so inclined. So, why bother using anything at all then, if I feel this way? Well…I also believe when it is my time to go, it’s my time to go, I still look both ways before I cross the street. It’s my job to take the precautions, if it doesn’t work, then I can figure out why and what now. I don’t just play real life Frogger across the interstate, I don’t think it is God’s job to protect me from my own stupidity.

I don’t think you can say “I’m against abortion” and “I’m against birth control” in the same breath.

I just cannot fathom this whole “well, don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby” attitude. I don’t want a baby, I like sex, and so does Aussie, seems pretty unbiblical to me, once we are married to deprive my husband of sex permanently because we never want a baby. (and yes, you all can feel free to laugh at me, when 5 yrs from now we are panicking because we changed our minds) but anyway, again, when I only get to see my future husband 100 days a year, until he retires, I am not really willing to follow natural family planning rules, turn him down, then send him out of town for a month. But again, the church doesn’t find this a valid reasons to use BC.

Completely ridiculous if you ask me.

And this, not exactly fitting, but funny anyway!


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