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Who Saved Who?


I love this photo.

We got Trixie on November 1. On November 9, I was in the hospital, diagnosed with MS and no idea I’d be in the hospital for 5 days.

That first week, I was happy we had her. And, considering there is a decent portion of the year, I am the only person in the house, we wanted to teach her she was my dog. That first week, I was the only person to walk her, feed her, let her out of her crate, etc. The next week I was in the hospital, and she, apparently, was miserable. Both Brad and Mike tried to take care of her. She didn’t want to eat, she didn’t want to go on walks. She would fight them on walking, on putting the harness on. When I came home, it was another week before she would get more than a foot or so away from me. The first thing I did was walk her. I was using a cane, and it was painfully slow. Brad stayed with me, moving at a snail’s pace. Ready to help me if she started pulling. And, she didn’t. She waited until I felt better to start pulling. We’d walk 1/4 mile twice a day. The next week it was a 1/2 mile. Then 3/4 of a mile. Then a mile. Today we walked 2.08 miles for our first walk. Our second walk will probably be a mile or so.

I admit to dragging my feet about getting a dog. Actually, I originally told Brad no way, ever. I told the kids no. I made fun of Brad for dressing up his old dog, and treating her like people. And, those words have come back to bite me, as I make her better food than some people eat. And, when I am trying to find her a coat to wear on our walks. (It gets cold here! And, she has short fur and shivers!) But, the kids wore me down, and I realized the reasons for my no were no longer valid. She picked us, and her name. Brad had said no pit bulls. You can see how well that worked out.

I was walking her today (it was spitting rain off and on, and about 33 degrees out.). And, I was just so thankful we had her. 1. We got her from a shelter, so, that saved her, and freed up a spot for another dog. 2. I was already walking 3-5 miles a day, before the MS thing, now I have a walking buddy. 3.She gets me up and moving in the morning, whether I like it or not. I don’t get to skip a walk because I don’t feel like it, unless I want a bored pit bull trying to entertain herself in the house all day. 4. Apparently vitamin D is good for helping fight the symptoms of MS. You get vitamin D from sunlight. And, I get sunlight on the walks, that she takes slower than I used to, because she has to smell everything. 5. We don’t have to throw out leftovers anymore. 6. Brad used to have a handgun. I’m not against guns exactly, but I don’t like them. And, I didn’t like them with so many little boys here all the time. He said we needed it for protection. But, refused to even learn how to unlock the trigger. He sold it to his dad. And, I feel so much safer with Trixie here, as a deterrent than I ever did with a gun here that nobody would know about until they were already in. And, somehow I doubt she can be turned against me as easily as a gun could.

The day before i went to the hospital, I was barely moving. I was sleeping on the sofa. I guess she sat by my side the whole day, either standing guard while I slept, or laying there. She loves to lick, but never did until I woke up. Yesterday I had overdone it at the gym, and I needed a nap. I went to lay down, she came and sat by the bed until I fell asleep. Then she jumped up and curled up behind my legs, watching everything going on.

Brad had told the boys they had to save up for her adoption fee. $40 each. I talked to him, and we told them $20 each, and I’d pay the other $40, and we’d get a dog sooner. I’m glad we did it that way, before someone else got her. And, before she’d been there too long and started to get mean, which was the case with the lab I originally went up to look at. Trixie had already been there for 8 months. They didn’t want to give her to me, because the town I live in has a zero tolerance policy for pit bulls. She makes one mistake and she’s gone. I had to reassure them, she was a pet. She would be a house dog. She wouldn’t be tied out, without supervision. We didn’t even have a fence, so there was no chance of letting her out by herself and her escaping.


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