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Big News Weekend

I haven’t been able to blog recently. Huge storms passed through the area, we had 14 people and a dog at our house last weekend because no one had power. Then, we had a huge 4th of July party to prepare for, now, we are packing for a trip out west next week.

Yesterday afternoon, we got news that the love of my life got a promotion at work. So, we went out to dinner to celebrate.

We had a nice dinner, afterwards, Aussie came over to pull my chair out for me, when I stood, he dropped to one knee in the middle of the packed restaurant and pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. Officially. I said yes, of course.

It’s hard to see, but the ring has 4 little hearts through each side of the metal.

And, if this all didn’t make my weekend good enough, I found out my ex husband left the woman he was living with yesterday as well. I don’t care what he does or does not do, but, I know the kids didn’t like her at all, so they are happy about it. Plus he tends to be a nicer, better, more attentive dad when he isn’t with this woman, so, hopefully this will be good for the boys.


My wedding

I am working on a real blog post, just having trouble wording it correctly.

But, anyway, I am so excited. Wedding plans are coming together SO well. Which amuses me since we aren’t even engaged yet. Anyway so far

  • I have my wedding dress bought
  • We have Aussie’s clothes bought
  • I have picked my bridesmaid
  • we got her dress
  • I have my shoes
  • I know how I’m doing my hair.
  • We decided on Panama City Beach to get married
  • Grandma Rita is going to help me get things around, since she is down there a lot and I am not.
  • I bought Aussie’s wedding ring
  • he says he knows what engagement ring he’s getting me.
  • he booked our honeymoon. A cruise, we’re going to, I believe, Mexico, Belize, and some islands, I can’t remember which ones though.
  • Which means, we are getting married, most likely October 11, 2012.
  • I’ve met his mother.
  • Picked out the kids outfits (they are walking me down the “aisle”)
  • I have my bouquet.

So, basically, now all we need to do is actually get engaged, send invitations (which are already bought), get a FL marriage licence, he’s got to pick his best man, and decide if we are getting married early or late in the day.

Remind me, it is ok that this has went so easily. I’m not used to things just coming together, I’m afraid everything is going to fall apart, and there is a chance of a catastrophe at the wedding, I know. (MIL having to spend time with FIL and new GF, eek!) But, really, we’ve been slowly, doing a little bit here and there for months, so, now, there is very little left to do, and 5 months to do it.

I’m so excited!

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